Frailty Animation Process: Research, Research, Research!

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Frailty syndrome is defined as a clinically recognizable state of increased vulnerability resulting from aging-associated declines in reserve and function across multiple physiologic systems, so that the ability to cope with everyday or acute stressors is compromised. Frailty can be a very important predictor of hospitalization, geriatric syndromes, mortality, surgery outcomes, and quality of life. Knowing an older patient’s frailty status can facilitate better care planning and treatment for geriatric patients.

My objectives were to make a series of engaging, empathy-based animations for clinicians to learn about frailty syndrome, as a majority of non-geriatrics healthcare professionals are not aware of this syndrome. The animations will prompt the viewer to an interactive module to view case studies of common clinical presentations of frailty.

Some current academic visualizations of frailty:

These are some in-progress screenshots for my 4 animation about frailty syndrome, an often debilitating geriatric phenomenon. Knowing one’s frailty status predicts many factors such as hospitalization, surgery success, medication side effects. mortality, and wound healing times.  The final animations will be hosted on the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine website on aging and frailty, launching soon.



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